Sanctuary is a composer collective based in Los Angeles.

Figure A.

Sanctuary is a composer and visual art collective based in Los Angeles. The music draws on neoclassical influences such as Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, and Jóhann Jóhannsson. Crystalline, emotional orchestrals and choral elements blend with intriguing foley and the occasional guest vocalist. Sometimes intimate, sometimes epic, Sanctuary caresses dark themes with intense visual vignettes and haunting, widescreen music, challenging their audience to join them on an inward journey.

Figure B. 

The collective’s debut features 2 EPs of musical works. Sanctuary Vol. 1, led by Colombian composer Jose A. Parody with contributions from Grayson Sanders, provides a breathtaking body of work featuring live strings, choir, and organ recorded in both Iceland and Los Angeles. Outside of his work with Sanctuary, Parody has received two Emmys for his score to “The Migrant Kitchen” series on KCET and has contributed music to projects including “The Twilight Zone (CBS)” and “Motherland: Fort Salem.” Grayson Sanders received high accolades such as Composer in Residence for NYU Symphony Orchestra and highest honors in composition upon graduation, before venturing into operating Aytia Matia, a NY-based immersive art collective. Sanctuary Vol. 2 highlights producer-composer Leviticus Penner, whose upbringing amidst the northern rain forest of British Columbia inspires his experimentation of thoughtful, organic, ambient sounds in his music. Together, the two EP’s craft a musical narrative that traverses both sweeping, cinematic spaces and intimate, contemplative ambiences.

The collective's debut also features a self-titled companion short film, SANCTUARY, which enlists Chilean-American creative director Elena Flores to explore what a modern classical record feels like if it were visually set in an abstract, contemporary space. Flores' experience working with the likes of Diplo, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Empress Of and more has led her work to be featured in Forbes, Pitchfork, Wired, GQ, and Billboard among others. SANCTUARY is Sanders' and Flores' debut as co-directors and co-writers, and showcases the work of cinematographer Anna Franquesa Solano (The Farewell, Venus By Water).